Customer Testimonials for our Bat Removal Devices

Bat Products Testimonials

Sir, I just want to say thank you for creating the Attack Wave Bat Repellant device. I purchased one three weeks ago and the day after I installed it the bat was gone. It works unbelievably great and I am very happy. For the longest time a didn’t know what to do, I had a bat that was so far up in the attic eves and well hidden that I couldn’t get at. It was creating so much bat guano that I had to constantly clean up. With a little research I found some professionals but they wanted upwards of $600 dollars to remove it and then I found your web site and ordered one device and now I am bat free.

Thanks so much,
Jim G of  Wilmington, Mass.

I want to inform you that I am very pleased with the Bat Pest repeller. I am using it to repel the bats at night on my front porch. We did a mini scientific trial by using it and not using it and it really works!  Right now we have an extension cord and a temp mount, but will have an electrician place an outlet for permanent mounting. Maybe we can try to paint the outer cover to match our walls so it is not so noticeable.

Thanks again!
Julie W

Good morning Ken…Wendell  here… I just wanted you to know that we set up the Electronic Pest Control unit in my rental house the way you suggested on the telephone and the results were absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!!!!….. Dozens of Bats flew out of the attic area of the house in less than an hour like their asses were on fire !!!!!!! (That is a quote from my tenant)….. I have recommended your device to everyone that I come in contact with and really appreciate your sincere attitude and follow up….

Thanks Again
Wendell A

Dear Dr. Hodges,
Just wanted to let you know the above machine worked like a charm in  regards to my bat problem. They were about a dozen or so roosting in the eves on my house and making a nightly mess on the sidewalk!  After two days, they were gone. I left the machine running for a week before turning it off. The bats have not returned. I did purchase a bat house and put it 20 feet into a large pine tree 100 feet from the house in my backyard. I’m hoping they take up residence there as I realize they eat lots of insects. Again,  I couldn’t have hoped for a better result!

Nick S.

Hi Ken,
Yes…this device has worked with our Bat problem. Thank you very much…


Hey, this seems to have worked. My wife and I are finally getting a full nitghts sleep. Great stuff.

Patrick B

We are delighted with the success we’ve had. We have lived in this house for 1-1/2 yrs. and could not find anyway to keep the bats from roosting in an area right above our front door. It was a real mess. There were 2 on the first night we had the device installed but none since.  We will certainly recommend your company.

Thank you,
L. Chesebro
P.S. We lived in Gilbert,AZ from 1980-1984

After 30 years of bats in the attic, constant recurring visitations into the lower floors of our office, at last have found a $50.00 solution. I purchased your bat repeller on 8/14/03. All of the bats left within a week and none have been present for at least four weeks. I have caught probably 200 over the pass 30 years. This can be use as a testimonial. I thank you and my office staff thanks you.

R. Kercull, M.D.

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