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Attack Wave Indoor Ultrasonic Bat Removal

We offer a discounted price if you purchase 3 or more units. We have learned that if you saturate the bat infested area with multiple units you will get rid of the bats faster and more efficiently.

Attack Wave Bat Repelling Device - Purchase (1 or 2 units) at $41.97 each + S&H. The shopping cart will calculate S&H before you add any personal information.

Attack Wave Bat Repelling Device - Purchase (3 or more) units at $36.97 each + S&H. 3 or more units must be entered into Quantity box when purchasing to receive this discounted price.

How to use the indoor AttackWave and outdoor YardGard devices to get rid of bats

  1. The ultrasonic sounds broadcast will not penetrate walls, doors, insulation, glass, etc.
  2. These units must be placed in the very same space where the bats are living or resting. They must have a line of sight to where the bats are hanging .
  3. It is important to have multiple broadcast points so the bats cannot hide or shield themselves from the sound broadcast.
  4. In the normal attic you should have at least 2 units and preferably 3 to 5 units if the attic has separate areas. The more broadcast points you have the better the results.
  5. We have learned over many years that when targeting bats, you will need to have the device within about 10 feet of the bats. I would recommend having one device for every 400 to 500 sq. ft. of area you are trying to cover.
  6. Attack Wave Bat Repelling device utilizes automatic wave variation, minimizing the chance that the bats become immune to the sound.
  7. The YardGard has a manual dial to change the frequency. It does not change automatically like the AttackWave. That is why I recommend using the AttackWave unit whenever possible.
  8. The YardGard is weather resistance and can be use outside, but the AttackWave is not weather resistance and cannot be use where it might get wet.
  9. Inaudible and harmless to humans and most common pets.
  10. These units operate totally chemical and battery free, making it the easiest way to keep bats on the run.
  11. We include additional detailed instructions for how to get rid of bats with each purchase.
  12. Do not use in the presence of Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and other rodent pets.

The Attack Wave Bat Repelling device is an effective, user friendly and environmentally safe way to combat bats. The device produces strong sound pressure in the air, attacking the auditory and nervous systems of bats causing them to abandon their food sources and shelters (Your Home). An affordable and effective bat removal solution.

Powerful Variable Ultrasonic Sound

Harmless To Humans And Pets*
Environmentally Friendly
Low Power Consumption
Maintenance Free

*Model:     P7816
*Power Supply: 110 VAC / DC Adapter
* Power Consumption: 1.5 watts
* Electricity Costs: Less than $0.25 per month
*Frequency: 30,000 to 65,000 Hz
*Sound Pressure: 110 dB Approx.
*Effective Angle:    260 degrees
*Effective Range: 400 to 500 square feet when targeting bats
*Weight: 5.75 oz.
*Dimensions: 4 3/4” x 4” x 2 3/4”

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