Keeping bats off your property!
Our YardGard Bat Removal unit uses multiple frequencies to repel bats and a variety of outdoor pests. A built-in motion detector activates the unit when bats or pests enter the protected area or the unit can be configured to run continuously.

YardGard Bat Removal

YardGard Outdoor Bat Repelling Device - $59.97 each + S&H. The shopping cart will calculate S&H before you add any personal information.

How to use the indoor AttackWave and outdoor YardGard devices to get rid of bats

  1. The ultrasonic sounds broadcast will not penetrate walls, doors, insulation, glass, etc.
  2. These units must be placed in the very same space where the bats are living or resting. They must have a line of sight to where the bats are hanging .
  3. It is important to have multiple broadcast points so the bats cannot hide or shield themselves from the sound broadcast.
  4. In the normal attic you should have at least 2 units and preferably 3 to 5 units if the attic has separate areas. The more broadcast points you have the better the results.
  5. We have learned over many years that when targeting bats, you will need to have the device within about 10 feet of the bats. I would recommend having one device for every 400 to 500 sq. ft. of area you are trying to cover.
  6. Attack Wave Bat Repelling device utilizes automatic wave variation, minimizing the chance that the bats become immune to the sound.
  7. The YardGard has a manual dial to change the frequency. It does not change automatically like the AttackWave. That is why I recommend using the AttackWave unit whenever possible.
  8. The YardGard is weather resistance and can be use outside, but the AttackWave is not weather resistance and cannot be use where it might get wet.
  9. Inaudible and harmless to humans and most common pets.
  10. These units operate totally chemical and battery free, making it the easiest way to keep bats on the run.
  11. We include additional detailed instructions for how to get rid of bats with each purchase.
  12. Do not use in the presence of Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and other rodent pets.

The YardGard Bat Removal unit is easily surface or pole mounted using keyhole slots on the back of the unit. Easily read setting diagram on back of unit allows for customization of settings to repel specific common yard pests. The YardGard Bat Removal unit is Sensor Activated by the animal’s motion. It uses Sonic and Ultrasonic Wound Waves for pest control of Bats Cats, Dogs, and other Mammals.

* Adjustable frequency lets you choose the animals you want to repel.
* Weatherproof for outdoor as well as indoor use.
* Infrared motion sensor activates the unit when animals move into coverage range.
* Choose continuous operation of sonic and ultrasonic sound waves with AC adapter for continuous protection.
* Uses 4 “C” cell batteries or AC adapter (included).
* Easy to use control settings.

Installation Suggestions: Be a good neighbor. The YardGard unit is intended to solve problems with bats, roaming or unleashed pets and stray domestic or wild animals. We include instructions for how to get rid of bats.

Some people with good high frequency hearing can hear the unit at its low (sonic) settings. If this happens, select a higher frequency.

Technical Specifications:
* Dimensions: 6.75″ x 5.25″ x 3.5″
* Weight: 1 pound (shipping weight 2 pounds)
* Coverage: 30 to 40 feet in front of the unit
* Frequency Range: 15,000 – 25,000 Hz (adjustable)
* Sound Pressure: 90 dB at 3 feet
* Power Consumption: 1.8 watts
* Electricity Costs: Less than $0.25 per month
* Working Current: <200 mA
* Power: 4 “C” batteries or included AC Adapter.
* Motion Sensor Activation: 35 x 70 feet
* Dial Positions: for Bats, Dogs and Cats, Skunks, Opossums, Armadillos, Raccoons, Deer, Insects and Rodents.
* In CONT AC ONLY Mode: Unit Continuously Emits Sounds if Plugged into AC Outlet.
* Compliance: EPA Establishment No. 058480-TWN-001. CE marked.
* YardGard Includes: Unit with plastic back cover with key hole, & 110vAC power adapter (with 6 ft cord) and extention wire cord (63 ft).
* Continuous or motion-sensor operation. Built-in infrared motion sensor activates when pests move into its coverage zone.
* Adjustable frequency powerful sonic and ultrasonic sound depending on the pest
* Recommended for mainly outdoor use. Use indoors in a rarely occupied attic or basement.

Yard Gard Area Usage:
yards, lawns, gardens, porches, buildings, greenhouses, more

YardGard Bat Removal:

Humane, effective, maintenance-free electronic Yard Gard is a superb bat and pest deterrent. Always on guard, it keeps bats and other animals away from your property without messy or expensive chemical solutions. Independent laboratory testing has proven YardGard sound technology to be a highly effective form of pest control. Our independent research has found it effective for bat removal.

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